Credit evaluation rules

南国批发网店铺信用评价规则 South China Wholesale Network Store Credit Evaluation Rules


概述 1. Overview

【宗旨原则】为促进南国批发网用户(简称“用户”)基于真实的交易对南国批发网商家(简称“商家”)做出公正、客观、真实的评价,进而为其他用户的购物决策和商家的店铺诚信经营提供参考,根据《南国批发网平台服务协议和交易规则》、《南国批发网消费者权益保障计划》等相关协议、规则之规定,制定本规则。 1.1. [Principle and Principles] In order to promote Southland Wholesale Network users (referred to as "users") to make fair, objective and truthful evaluations of Southland Wholesale Network merchants ("Businessmen") based on real transactions, and then make shopping decisions for other users. Provide a reference for the honest operation of the stores with the merchants, and formulate these rules in accordance with the relevant agreements and rules such as "South China Wholesale Network Platform Service Agreement and Transaction Rules" and "South China Wholesale Network Consumer Rights Protection Plan".

【适用范围】本规则适用于南国批发网所有用户及入驻南国批发网的所有商家。 1.2. [Application] This rule applies to all users of Nanguo Wholesale Network and all merchants stationed in Nanguo Wholesale Network.

【南国批发网评价】南国批发网评价(简称“评价”)是指用户基于其通过南国批发网平台与商家进行的真实交易,对商家提供的商品及 / 或服务做出的评价。 1.3. [Nanguo Wholesale Network Evaluation] Nanguo Wholesale Website Evaluation (referred to as "evaluation") refers to a user 's evaluation of the goods and / or services provided by a merchant based on real transactions with the merchant through the Southland Wholesale Network platform .


交易评价 2. Transaction Evaluation

【入口开放条件】用户有权基于真实的交易在订单确认收货后,在已完成的订单点击评价,即能对商家进行评价。 2.1. [Entry Opening Conditions] The user has the right to click the evaluation on the completed order after confirming the receipt of the order based on the real transaction, and the merchant can be evaluated.

【交易评价内容】交易评价包括“店铺评分”和“评论内容”;“评论内容”即用户使用“文字”对商家进行评论。 2.2. [Transaction evaluation content] Transaction evaluation includes "store rating" and "review content"; "review content" means that the user uses "text" to comment on the merchant.

【店铺评分】店铺评分包括对商品 / 服务的质量、服务态度、物流等方面的评分指标。 2.3. [Shop ratings] Store ratings include indicators for the quality of goods / services, service attitude, and logistics. 三项指标综合打分分值: Comprehensive score of three indicators:

星:非常不满意 1 star: very dissatisfied

星:不满意 2 stars: dissatisfied

星:一般 3 stars: Fair

星:满意 4 stars: satisfied

星:非常满意 5 stars: very satisfied

【评价生效时间】评价将于用户提交后即时生效,一旦生效即无法修改。 2.4. [Effective Time of Evaluation] Evaluation will take effect immediately after submission by the user. Once it becomes effective, it cannot be modified.


店铺回复 3. Store reply

【店铺回复条件】用户自确认收货之日起做出评价,商家可以对该评价进行回复。 3.1. [Response Conditions of the Store] The user makes an evaluation from the date of confirming receipt, and the merchant can reply to the evaluation.

【不当回复】店铺回复应针对评价内容进行提示、说明、解释、解答等,商家不得在店铺回复中发布违禁信息、污言秽语、广告信息、无实际意义信息、色情低俗内容及其他有违公序良俗的信息等。 3.2. [Inappropriate Reply] The store reply should provide prompts, explanations, explanations, answers, etc. for the evaluation content. The merchant must not post prohibited information, offensive language, advertising information, non-meaningful information, pornographic vulgar content and other valuable Information that violates public order and good customs. 用户有权对违法本条规定的不当回复向南国批发网投诉举报,南国批发网有权屏蔽违反本条规定的不当回复。 The user has the right to report a complaint to Nanguo Wholesale Network about the improper response in violation of this article. Nanguo Wholesale Network has the right to block the improper response in violation of this article.


评价处理 4. Evaluation processing

【评价处理原则】为了确保评价体系的公正性、客观性和真实性,南国批发网将基于有限的技术手段,对违规交易评价、恶意评价、不当评价、诱导好评产生的评价等异常评价以及不当回复等破坏南国批发网评价体系、侵犯消费者知情权的行为予以坚决打击。 4.1. [Evaluation and Processing Principles] In order to ensure the fairness, objectivity and authenticity of the evaluation system, Southland Wholesale Network will use the limited technical means to evaluate abnormal transactions, malicious evaluations, improper evaluations, and evaluations induced by positive reviews. And improper responses, such as damaging the evaluation system of the South Korean wholesale network and infringing on consumers' right to know, were resolutely cracked down.

【违规交易评价】南国批发网有权屏蔽违规交易产生的评价,包括但不限于南国批发网平台协议、平台规则中规定的发布违禁信息、骗取他人财物、虚假交易等违规行为所涉及的订单对应的评价。 4.2. [Evaluation of Illegal Transactions] Nanguo Wholesale Network has the right to block evaluations generated by illegal transactions, including but not limited to those involved in illegal acts such as publishing prohibited information, defrauding other people's property, and false transactions, as stipulated in the South Korea Wholesale Network platform agreement and platform rules Evaluation of the order.

【恶意评价】如用户、同行竞争者等评价人被发现以给予低分、负面评论等方式谋取额外财物或其它不当利益的恶意评价行为(包括商家自行或通过他人实施的),南国批发网可屏蔽该恶意评价。 4.3. [Malicious evaluation] If the evaluators such as users and competitors are found to obtain extra property or other improper benefits by giving low scores, negative comments, etc. (including the merchant's own or through others), Southland Wholesale The net can block this malicious evaluation.

【不当评价】南国批发网有权屏蔽评价内容中所包含的污言秽语、广告信息、无实际意义信息、色情低俗内容及其他有违公序良俗的信息。 4.4. [Improper Evaluation] Southland Wholesale Network has the right to block offensive language, advertising information, non-meaningful information, pornographic content and other information that violates public order and good customs contained in the evaluation content.

【诱导好评】南国批发网有权屏蔽商家诱导好评产生的评价。 4.5. [Induced positive reviews] Southland Wholesale Network has the right to block the evaluations induced by merchants. 诱导好评是指商家通过承诺返现、给予红包、优惠券等变相返现或者其他利益的方式,诱导买家确认收货并作出好评的行为,包括但不限于以下情形: Induced praise refers to the behavior of the merchant to induce the buyer to confirm the receipt of the goods and make a positive response by promising cashback, giving red envelopes, coupons and other disguised cashback or other benefits, including but not limited to the following situations:

1 ( 1 )     在商品标题、描述、图片等相关信息中加入“好评返现”或其他类似内容; Add "good reviews and cash back" or other similar content to relevant information such as product title, description, picture, etc .;

2 ( 2 )     在包裹中夹带承诺“好评返现”的定制类卡券,或者其他含有诱导好评信息的附带物品等; Enclose custom-made card vouchers with promises of "best cashback" in the package, or other incidental items containing information that induces positive reviews;

3 ( 3 )     通过向消费者拨打电话、发送短信或其他信息来诱导好评; Elicit positive reviews by calling consumers, sending text messages or other messages;

4 ( 4 )     通过其他方式明示或暗示买家快速确认收货并提交好评将获得返现、变相返现或者其他利益。 Expressing or suggesting that buyers quickly confirm receipt of goods and submit favorable comments through other methods will get cashback, cashback in disguise or other benefits.


【异常评价】异常评价是指所有违背南国批发网评价体系之宗旨、原则的评价,包括但不限于违规交易评价、恶意评价、不当评价、诱导好评产生的评价等。 4.6. [Anomaly Evaluation] Anomaly evaluation refers to all evaluations that violate the purposes and principles of the South Korean Wholesale Network Evaluation System, including but not limited to evaluations of illegal transactions, malicious evaluations, improper evaluations, and induced positive reviews. 南国批发网对排查到的异常评价作不计分、屏蔽等处理,对于已经计入店铺评分的异常评价,南国批发网有权通过调整店铺评分来消除异常评价对店铺的影响。 Nanguo.com does not score and block the abnormal evaluations. For abnormal evaluations that have been included in the store evaluation, Nanguo.com has the right to eliminate the impact of the abnormal evaluation on the store by adjusting the shop evaluation.

【评价人处理】针对前述违规行为,除对产生的评价做相应处理外,南国批发网将视情形对评价人采取身份验证、屏蔽评论内容、限制评价、限制购买行为等处理措施。 4.7. [Evaluator's Handling] For the aforesaid violations, in addition to correspondingly processing the evaluations generated, Southland Wholesale Network will take measures such as identity verification, blocking comment content, restricting evaluation, and restricting purchase behaviors to the evaluator as appropriate.

【违规商家处理】针对商家恶意评价、诱导好评、发布不当回复等违规行为,除对产生的评价或回复做相应处理外,南国批发网将视情形对商家店铺采取下架相关商品、搜索页屏蔽、禁止上新、商品全部下架、禁止上架、关闭账号等处理措施。 4.8. [Illegal Merchant Processing] For malicious behaviors of merchants such as malicious evaluation, induction of favorable comments, and inappropriate response, in addition to corresponding treatment of the generated evaluation or response, South China Wholesale Network will take relevant products and search for merchant stores as appropriate. Pages are blocked, new products are prohibited, all products are removed from shelves, prohibited from being placed on shelves, and accounts are closed.


附则 5. Supplementary Provisions

【定义】本规则所称“天”均指自然日,含当日。 5.1. [Definition] "Sky" as used in these rules refers to the natural day, including the current day.

【生效时间】本规则于 2019 11 5 日首次生效。 5.2. [Effective Date] This rule will take effect for the first time on November 5 , 2019 .